Optionally available modules


With the proportional capacity control module, the system capacity can be regulated continuously via a 4 to 20 mA signal.

Storage tank control

The control of the stacking tank level sensors (installed on site) regulates the switching on and off of the system, as well as the level in the storage tank.
Four sensors are monitored as standard (leak, max. alarm, production off and on). The alarm message is forwarded to the measurement and control technology, both on the system display and via the collective alarm signal.

Cell cleaning using sulphuric acid

The control of the feed pump, which is used for the required sulphuric acid, is supplied by SDWT and can be operated via the system display. The cell cleaning process is completely handled and monitored via the PLC control system.

Multi-circuit control

The control system from SWISS D&W TECH monitors up to 5
water circuits and can be used for all SDWT-systems.
Control: max. 10 electric valves, motive water pump and the 
electrolysis system
Display: chlorine and pH value, dosing time, system capacity,
Status report Hardware
Operation: 7-inch touch display of the electrolysis system
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