Water softener or cell cleaning

Water softener:
The upstream installation of a water softener (ion exchanger) is widespread in Switzerland. With 0° fH water, the cathode remains clean and performance is optimised. Fresh water can be added for daily use. However, a "break-unit" (network separator) is required by law to ensure that the water treated with active chlorine water enriched with active chlorine cannot flow back into the network. Like our electrolysis system, the softener only requires water, salt and electricity.

Cell cleaning using sulphuric acid:
Limescale that has collected on the cathode is washed off by the sulphuric acid. The sulphuric acid is neutralised by this process and the lime is returned to the bath water again returned to the bath water. The option with sulphuric acid is space-saving, easier to integrate and perhaps more interesting financially. This application also eliminates the need to store and handle the salt bags.

Whether you decide in favour of a softener or cleaning with sulphuric acid, you already have both raw materials in daily use. The control system for cleaning with sulphuric acid can be operated and programmed on the electrolysis system. We offer this function for all SWISS D&W TECH models.

Water softener or cell cleaning, whatever you choose, you can significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs.