Environmentally friendly water treatment and water disinfection through electrolysis

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SDWT-Electroysis systems 

SWISS D&W TECH presents: Our company and our products

Electrolysis systems from SWISS D&W TECH AG

Environmentally friendly water treatment and water sterilisation using electrolysis

Water treatment and water sterilisation by electrolysis to perfection: SWISS D&W TECH AG produces high quality and environmentally friendly water treatment systems for drinking, bathing, industrial and waste water applications.

Innovations, modernisation, durability and quality. These are just some of the aspects that we stand for as a Swiss company.

Using only water, salt and electricity, the SWISS D&W TECH systems produce the user-friendly disinfectant sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) variably and automatically at the point of use. This disinfectant concentrate consists of a chemical compound of sodium, chlorine and oxygen. Although NaCIO contains the highly effective "oxidant" chlorine, no unpleasant odor is produced due to the oxygen content.

In contrast to conventional chlorine, chlorine gas, Javel, ozone etc., SWISS D&W TECH systems disinfect the water to be disinfected in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
Customers enjoy the simple handling, low operating costs and reliability of SWISS D&W TECH systems in water treatment and water disinfection.

systems for germ-free water

Would you also like to do something good for your pool with just salt and water?
SWISS D&W TECH will be happy to build the right water disinfection system for your project. The tubular electrolysis cell technology impresses with its simple handling, storage and daily use. SWISS D&W TECH offers you the highly active disinfection product sodium hypochlorite and completely dispenses with chemicals and acid.

These days, design and convenience are particularly important in the utility room. The new systems impress with a modern look, are quiet and odorless. The quiet and true power is immediately noticeable in the quality of the (bath) water.

The integrated PLC control and the displays, which are available in various sizes, ensure that information is displayed without interruption.
The polypropylene housing guarantees a high level of stability and durability and also serves as water splash protection for the electronics.

In addition to the standard series, project-specific solutions are part of our core competence. SWISS D&W TECH AG specializes in special constructions and modernizations according to customer requirements. Individual customer requests such as different dimensions, colors or technical adaptations are no limits for us.

A cell cleaning module is offered for all systems. This self-cleaning system (using sulphuric acid) optimizes the efficiency of the electrolysis cell and significantly reduces maintenance costs. Systems up to 300 g NaCIO/h are conveniently operated with 230 V. This has an extremely positive impact on assembly and installation costs. Systems with capacities of several kilos of active chlorine per hour are also available for larger projects and water volumes.

SWISS D&W TECH AG has the right solution for every requirement. Whether directly in the bath water circuit or integrated via an ion exchanger, manual or proportional control of the system output with integrated or external brine tank, these are just some of the countless possibilities at SWISS D&W TECH.


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