SDWT-Sulphuric acid dosing station

If you like to keep your utility room tidy, then we have the perfect solution for you.

SDWT-Sulphuric acid dosing station

This system offers increased safety for people, animals and the environment, especially for private use.

The housing is manufactured in the same style and materials as our electrolysis systems and offers space for one or two 25 litre canisters and a maximum of 5 dosing pumps.

The dosing pumps for the cell cleaning and pH regulation
of your pool are located here.

The suction lance has four outlets and a level level monitor that can be connected to the electrolysis system. This way the power connection of the pump and level monitoring are ensured.

We offer the dosing pumps in both 24V and 230V versions. The 24V pump increases the overall safety of your system.

If the canister is empty or there is a leak, this will be indicated both on the display and visually (red light in the brine tank).

The housing is also a drip tray and, when closed, is an eye-catcher for any water treatment system.

Ideal for private pools, therapy pools, instruction pools in school buildings, hotel pools, drinking water supplies and village fountains.

60l Tank with mixer

60l tank with collecting tray, mixer and suction lance. Ideal for flocculants and pH reducers.

Chlorine / pH measurement and control technology

Do you need a chlorine- / pH-measurement and control technology, then you will find the tried and tested PoolPac2 Digital. 

Easy to use, robust and pre-assembled as a set including sensors, filter and accessories.

POOLPAC II digital

Measuring and control device for pH, free chlorine and temperature.                          Both the temperature and pH values are also used to compensate for the measurement of free chlorine. Equipped as standard with internal logbook, which stores all changes and calibrations.
Suitable for wall mounting. IP66/67 protection class, tightness and corrosion resistance.
Equipped with GORE-TEX filter as pressure equalisation in relation to the environment.
Simple multilingual operation, via 4 membrane keys and a navigation wheel.

Measuring ranges: 0 - 20,0 mg CL2, 1 - 12 pH, 0 - 80°C
Displays: 0 - 20,0 mg CL2, 0 - 14 pH, 0 - 100°C
Regulation: P, PI, PID oder or PD Pulse length or pulse frequency for pH and CL2, alarm contact for e.g. min./max. value pH and free chlorine.
Equipped as standard with flow rate monitoring for chlorine overdosing 
Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz 
Outputs: 2 x 0/4 - 20 mA and 2 x digital (freely programmable)

Hand-held photometer

Simple and effective pool test kit for pool attendants and service technicians.

Pooltest 4&6

Test the following values quickly and reliably:

Chlorine: 0 - 5 mg/L | Chlorine: 0 - 10 mg/L | pH value (phenol red): 6.5 - 8.4 | Bromine: 0 - 10 mg/L | Calcium hardness: 0 - 500 mg/L | Cyanuric acid: 0 - 150 mg/L | Total alkalinity: 0 - 500 mg/L

The set is supplied in a in a practical case and consists of Hand-held measuring device: Pooltest 4 or 6 | 5x 10ml cuvettes | 4x stirring sticks | 1x brush | 1x 10ml syringe | 1x USB cable | 1x cleaning cloth | reagent starter set

Motive water pump

To ensure that the electrolysis system gets enough water, we offer motive water pumps in 230V and 400V.

Motive water pump

Motive water pump 230V/400V
Multistage, vertical, in-line; AISI 316
incl. mating flanges Rp 1 "
Performance: delivery rate e.g.: Q max. 55 l/min
Delivery head: max. 28 mMotor: 0.37kW, 380-415V, 50Hz, 2850 1/min, In 1.09A
Motor efficiency class: IE3

Ball valves (24V DC)

The electric ball valves (24V DC) are quick and easy to install and operate.  Open/closed feedback is provided both visually: green/red and as a signal.

electric ball valves

 electric ball valves 24-230 V AC/DC
 Electrically operated ball valve Actuator: J4CS20 | PVC-U          Connection: Ø25mm Colour: Blue

Peristaltic pump 

Peristaltic pump

Delivery rate: up to 9 l/h or up to 15 l/h
Max. Pressure: 2.5 bar
Operating voltage: 24V DC or 230V DC
Control: time, pulse or 4 to 20 mA
Hose connection: Ø4mm
Hose breakage detection: yes
Protection class: IP 65 
Dimensions: 94x150x130 mm
Weight: approx. 1.2kg

Suction lance and accessories

The suction lance is quick and easy to install. "Empty" open/closed feedback as a signal. Available in three lengths. Practical for a 25 litre canister to 200 litre drum of sulphuric acid for automatic cell cleaning, for example.

Suction lance and accessories

Suction lance with empty signal SDWT-525 | SDWT-775
PVC suction lanceLength: 525/775/1300mm 
Binding opening: Ø44 to Ø60mm
Connections: Hose nozzle: Ø4mm inner diameter
Cable length: 10m | 3x0.25mm2
max. Switching voltage: 25V/AC | 50V/DC

Protection class: IP68 (cable cut-out IP67)

Contact function: normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) (reverse function float)